Be Involved

A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

The YMCA of Greater Rochester is thrilled to offer opportunities for individuals, families, foundations, and businesses to be part of a project that is going to change the trajectory of the Rochester region.

The Y’s goal is to raise 50% of construction costs through philanthropy. This is your chance to be part of this incredible project!

This is a special philanthropic opportunity because of the YMCA’s unique operating model which allows for suburban branches, like this new facility, to drive mission work within the branch, as well as the Y’s urban district. A successful capital campaign will ensure that the financing needed to complete the project will not threaten the ability of the Y to deliver high quality services in communities with income inequality.

Early Learning at the YMCA

Staying Heart Healthy with the Whole Family at the YMCA

Cancer Survivorship at the YMCA

Living your best life at the YMCA


Create your legacy 

The Y is offering opportunities for donors to name facilities within the new branch for gifts ranging from $25,000 to $1,500,000. For a $10,000 commitment, donors’ names will be recognized on a decorative plaque in the lobby. We can’t wait to personally work with you to find a special way for you to create your legacy at the YMCA. 

Click here to see the full menu of naming opportunities

Making a Donation

For more information about making a donation to this exciting project, please contact Rachel Baker August at Or to make a donation today, or learn about the many vehicles that can be used to make a donation, click here.  

Strengthening the community through a new YMCA

One of the greatest misconceptions about the YMCA is that is that the Y is just a building with a pool and a gym. The reality is that the YMCA is a powerful agent of change with a focus on youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. Look at some the ways the YMCA is strengthening the foundation of the community:

  • The Y is a community partner for health and wellness. Chronic disease is a crisis in our region. Programs that tackle diabetes, high blood pressure, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, and cancer are growing areas of the Y’s service, and so much more.
  • The Y is essential for our residents’ quality of life. Across the region, the Y’s 17 facilities and child care centers are viewed as community resources by employers, school systems, and local government partners. The scope of our facilities and breadth of programs enhance the neighborhoods we serve.
  • The Y is Monroe County’s leading provider of Child Care. Affordable, quality child care is a critical need for families. The Y serves more than 3,000 children a day in youth development.
  • The Y is open to all. With a commitment to diversity and inclusion, the Y ensures its programs and services are accessible to everyone. Children, young adults, families, seniors, veterans and those with diverse abilities are among the many, but rapidly growing segments of our members. The Y’s operational success in camps and suburban facilities contribute to the development and delivery of programs at its urban sites.

Strengthening Communities

Through the Strengthening Communities Campaign, the YMCA of Greater Rochester is focused on capital projects that respond to the critical challenges faced by our community’s residents. Each of these projects contain key design elements that will allow for program development or expansion to help our neighbors overcome the health and wellness challenges they may face – regardless of where they live.