Biggest YMCA in the Region Breaking Ground in the Town of Pittsford


This will be the biggest YMCA in the region and the second largest in the country, for obvious reasons many families are thrilled.

“I think it’s fabulous and it’s a fantastic thing to be a little bit closer,” said Patricia Davis, a current member at the South East YMCA branch.

The YMCA has been more than just a place to work out for Davis and her daughter Allyia.

“They have great programs for the whole family and just the councilors everybody who works there they put their heart into every bit of it for any family that needs help or anything,” said Davis.

CEO of the YMCA of Greater Rochester George Romell says the South East branch has served many families well, now it’s just too small.

He says this new YMCA will represent the twenty-first century and the needs of the community.

“Couple of huge changes, with our medical partnership there will be doctors right in the Y, there will also be a daycare center and a significant commitment to water in the YMCA,” said Romell.

“But the really exciting part it this recreational pool that includes a splash pad for families, this current channel that is for water walking but also just a lot of space for swim lessons,” said Andrew Powers, Vice President of Philanthropy for the YMCA.

The design is underway and right on track.

However there’s still an issue that we reported on over the winter.

A traffic light must be installed on the corner of Jefferson Road and Clover Road.

The Department of Transportation concluded that the cost to install the light will fall on the Town of Pittsford and the developer who owns the land across the street.

Romell says they will not be disrupting traffic.

“We’re going to have 675 parking spots, we have 170 now so we know how important traffic flow is and we wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t going to work,” said Romell.

They’ll be starting the construction by the spring of 2018 and hopefully by the fall of 2019, the New YMCA Regional Campus for Healthy Living will be open for families all across the region.

Strengthening Communities

Through the Strengthening Communities Campaign, the YMCA of Greater Rochester is focused on capital projects that respond to the critical challenges faced by our community’s residents. Each of these projects contain key design elements that will allow for program development or expansion to help our neighbors overcome the health and wellness challenges they may face – regardless of where they live.